Refund Policy

Allergy disclaimer: Please be aware that while we have strict processes in place to prevent cross-contamination, there is still a small risk of the presence of any allergens such as lactose, nuts, gluten, soy and eggs.

Refund policy: Brazilian Bakery Café will not offer refunds or exchanges for custom products that meet our quality standards once a product has been picked up/delivered and “Accepted” by you or another designated party. Furthermore, under no circumstances will Brazilian Bakery Café provide a refund in excess of the cost of the order. All products are the responsibility of the customer as soon as they leave our possession.

Refund requests due to decor style, color tone or general decor design will not be considered. We only give refunds if the product does not meet the taste, size and general description detailed above. The taste and texture of the cake is subjective. Refunds requested due to flavor or texture upon acceptance and withdrawal of the product will be at Brazilian Bakery Café's sole discretion.

Cake packaging: We do not provide closed boxes for cakes of two heights. Please bring someone else to help you with transportation. our guarantee We appreciate your preference and are honored that you chose us for your special celebration. We guarantee that the flavors, size and general design elements will be met as described.
If you are not satisfied with our product(s), please let us know at the time you receive your order. Once your order is accepted, refunds will not be considered.

Our company may consider a store credit if the product is returned to us and the product's flavor or texture quality does not meet to our standards within 24 hours of withdrawal. Please note that our products undergo quality control daily to ensure the highest excellence. Determination of quality is at Brazilian Bakery Café's sole discretion.

Remember that temperature and humidity ranges can affect the taste, overall design or texture of the product to some degree. Please understand that we cannot control changes in texture or changes in color or shape due to weather conditions. design variations While we make every effort to provide an exact design and color match, custom cakes are a work of art. It may not be possible to match an exact shade of a color, but we'll get as close as possible. The final product may undergo slight variations. Also, be aware that exposure to light can cause colors to change. We do not offer discounts or refunds if the exact shade of a color is not achieved or if there is a variation due to lighting. In the event that a major variation needs to be made, Brazilian Bakery Café will communicate this to the customer and request approval of the new design.  care and handling If you or your representative chooses to remove and assemble the cake, you assume full responsibility for the condition of the cake once it leaves Brazilian Bakery Café's possession.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you delivery?

We are partners with Uber Eats and Doordash, so customers might order food from their apps. Note that they have a distance limitation, so if you don't find our store it might be related to your location.

Do you close on holidays?

We only close once a year on the Christmas Day (December 25th), but we do have special hours of operation for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and January 1st.

Do you offer catering?

Yes we do! Check our catering menu to see all of our options of Cakes, Sweets, Pastries and much more. Be minded that we require at least 24 hours in advance to order any type of catering, but we highly recommend that you place your order as soon as you can.

For more information on how to make orders please check Catering Menu
Do you have ready to go cakes available?

Yes we do! We have a daily production of our 8" and 10" cakes that are made specifically for a pick-up order.